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About Us


Thank you for viewing our site. We hope it was helpful and we are looking forward to hearing from you.  You may have noticed that we are different from other companies.  We love trees and enjoy pruning them to bring out the beauty and satisfaction they were meant to bring to our lives.  Could you imagine a world without trees?

They are here on this earth to make our lives better.  At Hendron Tree Solutions, Inc. we get satisfaction out of making their lives a little better too.  Rather its shaping to enhance their beauty or removing deadwood and broken branches to improve their safety, it all leads to caring for the earth’s largest and most breath-taking plant, the tree.

We are proud of our ability to prune trees without using spikes. Spikes leave numerous holes in trees, ouch. Our tree climbers are trained to prune in ways that promote optimum structural development.  We also do a great job at removing trees. However, we prefer to offer alternatives.  We have over 2000 customers on the Peninsula and surrounding area. If you are not one of them, we would consider it an honor to be given the opportunity to care for your trees.

Ron Hendron, Jr.
Certified Arborist