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Tree Defects



Some potential hazards are easy to recognize. Inspect your trees regularly to notice changes in them. Early detection creates more options to care for the tree. There may be other hazards that are not as easily recognizable and may require inspection by a certified arborist.

They include 1) weak branching structure, 2) root damage and 3) excessively thick crown/foliage. An arborist can also diagnose other stresses the tree may be experiencing. Below are photos of some of the more common tree problems. Periodic examination and proper care of your trees can improve their likelihood of staying strong and healthy. Keeping trees alive and healthy adds value to our world and our homes.

Cavities Reduce Structural Strength

Damaged Roots Reduce Tree's Ability to Stay Anchored to Ground

Leaning Trees Stresses Both Root and Trunk, Increasing Chances of Failure

Holes in Trunk at Soil Level Reduces Structural Strength

Broken Limbs

"Included Bark", Weak Union in Tree Trunk

Included Bark/Union Failure Happens Often During Storms

Included Bark Prefailure

Included Bark Union Failure

Dieback Due to Drought Conditions

Decline From Previous Tree Work

Decay From Previous Topping Cuts



Advanced Stage of Decay as Evidence By Fungal Bodies